The Core module contains common services, types, and utilities used by the other Rover modules. These include the dependency injection framwork, the shared Rover instance, the events queue, and so on. Every other module depends on it.


    CoreAssembler(accountToken = "MY_API_KEY")

accountToken: String

(Required) Your Rover API account sdk token. Can be found in the Rover Settings app under Account Settings.

application: Application

(Required) Your Android Application object.

deepLinkSchemeSlug: String

(Required) Rover deep links are customized for each app in this way:


You must select an appropriate slug without spaces or special characters to be used in place of myapp above. You must also configure this in your Rover settings.

You should also consider adding the handler to the manifest. While this is not needed for any Rover functionality to work, it is required for clickable deep/universal links to work from anywhere else.

chromeTabBackgroundColor: Int

(Optional) An ARGB int color (typical on Android) that is used when Rover is asked to present a website within the app (hosted within a an Android Custom Tab). In many cases it is appropriate to use the colour you use for your app toolbars.

openAppIntent: Intent?

(Optional) Specify an Intent that opens your app. Defaults to the Activity you set as your launch activity in your manifest.

System Frameworks
  • AppCompat
  • Support v4
  • Support Arch Lifecycle Extensions
  • Support Custom Tabs
  • Reactive Streams