Data Integrations and Customization


The Rover SDK allows you to control on the user's behalf how they prefer their data to be collected and used.


The Rover SDK offers an API for changing the Tracking Mode. This can be surfaced in your app as a user preference or setting.

The two modes are default and anonymized.

In default mode, the Rover SDK's data & events features work as normal.

In anonymized mode, Rover will inhibit ticketing events, user location (beacons & geofences), telephony information, and IDFA.

Optional Rover Modules

Note that these features only work if their respective modules are enabled in the first place. If the advertising module, for instance, is not installed, then IDFA isn't tracked into Rover regardless of the tracking mode setting.

API and Usage

Disabling data collection:

Rover.shared.trackingMode = .anonymized


Rover.shared.trackingMode = PrivacyService.TrackingMode.Anonymized

Re-enabling data collection:


Rover.shared.trackingMode = .default


Rover.shared.trackingMode = PrivacyService.TrackingMode.Default
Handling Custom Actions